What is a Sex Toy Party?

Are you ready to host a party your friends will be raving about for years? Are you looking for something out-of-the-box for your best friend’s bachelorette? Did you just get invited to something called a “sex toy party” and are trying to figure out if you even want to go? No matter if the idea of a sex toy party intrigues you or makes you blush, we’ve got the answers the your burning questions. 

What is a Sex Toy Party? 

Sex toy parties go by lots of names: toy parties, adult toy parties, dildo parties. Around here, we call them Papaya Parties. No matter what you call them, sex toy parties are a chance for you to have fun while learning about your pleasure options and sexual health with a trained sexual health professional. 

They are a great activity for bachelorette parties, adult sex ed events, couples parties, divorce parties, birthday parties, and wellness workshops. 

What to Expect From a Sex Toy Party

For our sex toy parties, you can expect a sexual health professional to arrive at your party with the knowlege and know-how to share and educate your guests all about sexual health and pleasure. They will also bring sex toys to the party for demo purposes only. The sexual health professional will introduce guests to a variety of sex toys, giving everyone the chance to touch, smell, and taste, while learning about the products and having a chance to ask questions. 

Sex toy parties can also have a specific theme such as women’s sexual health, sexual pleasure in a relationship, or even “How to Create a Sexcation.” 

No matter what the theme, these parties are a great chance to ask any and all of your questions surrounding sexual health and pleasure. 

The goal of all sex toy parties is to allow guests to learn about sexual health and pleasure in a comfortable environment. If you’re feeling nervous about attending a sex toy party but are intrigued by the idea, give it a try! 

Do I Have To Buy Anything at a Sex Toy Party?

No. There is no pressure to make a purchase at a sex toy party. However, if you are interested in a certain product that was demoed at the party, you may have the chance to purchase one at the end of the party. Your professional will only have a limited number on hand, but many of the items can be ordered and shipped (in discreet packaging) to you after. 

Interested in Throwing a Sex Toy Party? 

Ready to throw your own sex toy party? We are here to help! Check out our Papaya Parties page for more info. We look forward to hearing from you!