Jessica Travis

MFT Intern

I am a master’s level student intern who is beginning an adventure as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I work with individuals, couples, and families on their issues as part of a working system. As an intern, I am able to offer low-cost therapy at $35 per session. Working with those in transitional phases is something I love to do. There are many phases of life, and it can be difficult to get from one phase to the next. I also have vast experience that allows me to help military spouses and children navigate the ins and outs of life in the military. Working remotely is also a lifestyle I can help you pilot, as there are many challenges that come specifically to working at home.

I have experience working with those who are experiencing anxiety and depression, as well as those who have survived a traumatic situation. In addition, working with military families, couples and children is something I am passionate about and have personal knowledge of the trials that accompany the military lifestyle. I also work with those who work remotely and assist them in navigating the challenges that present themselves when working from home.