Discover a Whole New Way to Initiate Sex with LoveSync

Lovesync Couple

When it comes to sex, no one likes feeling rejected, and no one likes feeling pressured. However, this happens in marriages and relationships every single day. One person gathers the nerve to initiate sex, and the other feels guilty for not being in the same mood at the same time. This can lead to partners becoming hesitant to initiate sex, which means way less sex happens within the relationship. This was a pattern Jenn Cmich and her Ryan found themselves in a few years ago. And with two kids in the house, it felt like chances for romance were few and far between. However, that all changed when Ryan had an idea for a new product: LoveSync. We were able to connect to Jenn recently to learn more about their revolutionary product that helps couples initiate sex without ever feeling guilty or rejected. 

What is LoveSync? 

LoveSync is an all new way for couples to initiate sex. If one partner is “in the mood,” all they have to do is press a little button located on their nightstand. If their partner does the same thing, both buttons will light up, and they will know they are both in the mood for some romance! However, if only one partner presses the button, then nothing will happen and their partner is not alerted in any way. 

LoveSync also comes in the form of an app that works the same. If both partners tap the button on their app, then they know that they are both in the mood. To quote Stephen Colbert, LoveSync is “…like Tinder for couples.”

Does LoveSync Really Work? 

To date, the LoveSync system has helped thousands of couples initiate sex easier and more often. Here’s what people are saying: 

  • All in all, it’s a great app that has been wonderful for our marriage
  • My husband is a little bit more shy with expressing interest so overall this app has helped us with our communication.
  • My wife and I use this app all the time, primarily weekends, honestly. It has definitely helped us connect more often. It’s kind of a fun way to communicate with each other. We tease and joke each other about it. 

If you’ve been struggling to be on the same page with your partner about sex, or you are simply looking for a new, fun way to break the ice with your partner, I highly recommend trying LoveSync. Who wouldn’t enjoy having more sex?