Coryn Murphy

Sex Therapist

Do you feel unseen and unheard by others in your life? Coryn understands the importance of being seen and heard and wants to help you create change in your life.

Coryn believes that empathy and compassion are the catalyst for growth and change whether you are working through sexuality concerns or general anxiety, depression, and life events. Coryn creates a safe space to help clients better understand themselves and improve their relationships.

She works from a sex-positive and non-judgemental standpoint to help clients better understand all the parts of themselves as sexual beings.  Coryn also has experience working with clients who have trauma and want to work through this to help them move forward in their life. She uses hypnotherapy in her practice to help support clients who want to use their unconscious to help them create change and she uses meditation to help clients find balance and grounding in our chaotic world. Coryn is pursuing sex therapy certification training to further enhance her sex therapy skills. Coryn is an ally to the LGBTQ, kink, and poly clients.

In addition to therapy, Coryn also provides meditation classes and sessions. She has been meditating for the past 15 years and enjoys using mindfulness techniques to help clients find their balance. Meditation sessions can be used in conjunction with therapy or as their own separate experience.

In her former life, Coryn was a teacher where she learned and taught her practical and empathetic approach to working with problems. She also spent the last 15 years overseas and understands how difficult changes can be. In her personal time, Coryn is active with stand up paddle boarding or hiking with her dogs. She is also the captain of her rowing team.

Coryn earned her Master’s of Education from Loyola University Maryland and her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from The University of West Alabama. Coryn is under formal supervision of Anna Baxter, LPC, CPCS and clinical direction of Courtney Geter, LMFT-S, CST-S.