Courtney Geter, LMFT, CST

Emotional Health

Stop Putting Yourself Last! How Creating Space Shows Self-Worth

If there is one thing I know I’m good at doing, it’s creating space for myself! One day, during a water cooler break, my colleague Dr. KS exclaims, “I talked about you in a session today!” “Ooooh? Really?” I asked for more information, a little apprehensive and curious at the same time. Dr. KS replies,…

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When Therapy, Insurance, and the Workplace Collide

Because I’m a therapist in my own profession, I get to learn lots of interesting things about other lines of work, jobs, and careers through my clients. (For anyone who thinks that therapy is a one-way relationship, this is a case-in-point to the contrary!) The stresses of sales goals, the effect of long-term irritation (or…

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How Giving Yourself Gifts Improves Your Relationship

It’s the month of love! At least the month of Hallmark-love that is! I’m writing this after returning from my birthday trip! If you don’t know what I’m typing about, get caught up here. Check out the awesome of pic and rare sighting of the BFF! (You may remember him from such scandalous adventures as…

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It’s My Party… and I can do Whatever the F*ck I Want!

In my last post, I mentioned that I don’t subscribe to the New Year’s Resolution bandwagon. One reason is that I found myself making unrealistic goals based on what others were doing (or saying they were going to do…) and not what I needed to do for myself. Years ago, I decided I wouldn’t make…

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Three Nerds, A Sex Therapist, A New Year

With a new year comes new adventures! I write this as I’m sitting at a table in a coffee shop with three nerds playing board games. Well, they are playing board games, and I’m providing commentary as I try to figure out what the heck is going on…Hello, Andy, Chris, and Jonathan! It was a…

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Holiday Stress? Take Care of YOU!

It’s well-known to therapists, among researchers, and as a piece of common knowledge that the holidays are stress-inducing for almost everyone. Apart from a day or two around each holiday, we plan endlessly for elaborate get-togethers, without taking time off work, and with at least a few with whom we may have…strained relationships. It’s a…

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