Best Books About Sex: Book Recommendations from a Sex Therapist

Sex is everywhere. It drives marketing campaigns, tv shows, film, and of course, people’s lives. However, even in a sex-driven society, real conversations about sex can be rare. If you’re looking to get a better understanding of the role sex plays through every phase of your life, I’ve compiled some of my favorite books about sex to get you started. 

The Conscious Sexual Self Workbook

Get ready for a whole new kind of sex education. This book, written by an experience sex therapist and educator, will help you look to yourself for answers. The Conscious Sexual Self Workbook is full of holistic information about sex and sexual relationships, and it provides worksheets, exercises, and questions that will help you explore your own values, history, and desires when it comes to sex. 

Boxes and How We Fill Them

For those struggling with problems in the bedroom or issues around sex, Boxes and How We Fill Them, can be a huge help. This book offers a variety of exercises and techniques to help anyone overcome communication barriers when it comes to sex. While it’s not a replacement for a relationship therapist, this book helps readers confront sexual issues, learn how to engage in self care, and move forward in their sexual relationships. 

Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle

This book is not directly related to sex, but I still highly reccomend this book to women who are prone to experiencing burnout. This book breaks down how women experience burnout differently than men and offers a scientifically backed plan to help women manage stress and emotions and live a more peaceful life. 

GIRL: Sex, Romance, and Being You

This is a book I wish every young girl could have. GIRL is an inclusive book for all self-identified girls. It covers love, sex, romance, and being yourself in an unbiased, honest, and uncensored way. This book covers healthy sexuality, loving relationships, gender fluidity, and tougher topics like STIs, consent, and sexual assault in a way that is easy to read but will prepare young girls for their teens and beyond. It also features self-reflection quizzes and personal stories from relatable girls. 

TRANS+: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You

TRANS+ is an all-inclusive books for teens who are transgender, nonbinary, gender-nonconforming, or gender-fluid. This book answers all the questions about gender, physical health, mental health, transitoning, relationships, reproduction, sex, and life as a trans or nonbinary person. This book also includes personal stories for real teens to help readers along the way. 

Through interviews with young men, academics, experts in the field, and psychologists, this book delves into all aspects of male sexuality. From so-called locker room talk to porn to sexual violence to consent, this book breaks down the complexity of young men’s experiences with sex. As a result, readers will have a better understanding of sexuality in the world today and how to be better men. 

There you have it! 

Are there any books on this list that you are going to pick up? Any books that are missing? Let me know. And if you are in Georgia and would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact me here.