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Adventures in Online Dating: When Do I Give Out My Number?!?!

While online dating has in many ways changed the dating game fundamentally, it does have a few interesting things in common with pre-online dating. Scheduling a second date, the first kiss, and exchanging phone numbers. Call me lazy (or busy!) or old, but I don’t use apps like What’s App or Snap Chat because They…

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#Me, Too: My Experience, My Thoughts

Sometimes, it’s easier to “see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.” I have to admit, this has been my attitude over the past few days with the start of the #MeToo movement. Frankly, I was moved, shocked by the outpouring, by the accounts of woman after woman. I asked myself, “why would what…

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Are You Mature in Age? This Is Why You Need Therapy!

Many people think that once they reach a certain age, they can’t change. We say people are ‘set in their ways’, ‘things were different then’ or ‘people didn’t talk about those things’ when we think about counseling and seniors. But as many therapists are attesting, seniors are expressing more interest in therapy, and benefitting from…

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Did That @$%#* Just GHOST Me?

What is Ghosting? Though I don’t consider myself a millennial, I come from that generation that is on the ‘millennial cusp.’ I have adapted to millennial terminology and a few behaviors, like texting instead of picking up a phone and hearing a voice. Yes, kids, there were days when texting did not exist, when you…

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